Written for python-mode.el by Andreas Roehler on 2012-04-23

New in version 6.0.6
- files inside a virtual machine made visible for pdbtrack

- new commands `py-toggle-split-windows-on-execute', ...-on, ...-off
  `py-toggle-shell-switch-buffers-on-execute', ...-on, ...-off
  allow `py-execute-buffer' etc. to split/not-split windows,
  move cursor onto output or not

- Behavior of C-u M-x `py-shell' closer to common shell

  C-u 4 prompts for a buffer,
  i.e. when a "*Python*" shell is running,
  C-u M-x `py-shell' opens a "*Python<2>*" per default
  C-u 2 M-x py-shell promts for command-arguments as known from 5th-series

- `py-intend-tabs-mode' sets default of `indent-tabs-mode', lp:953765

-- New boolean variable `py-intend-tabs-mode'
  Permits value independent from Emacs-wide `indent-tabs-mode'
  Commands `py-toggle-indent-tabs-mode', ...-on, ...-off
  menu PyTools "Toggle indent-tabs-mode"

- Extended py-execute-... forms provided for "line"

- new commands py-beginning/end-of-line
  while introduced for internal reasons --because of it's
  return values-- they allow repeats, i.e. when already
  at end-of-line, jumping to next end etc.

- new boolean `py-force-py-shell-name-p'
  When `t', execution with Python specified in `py-shell-name' is en forced, shebang will have no effect. Default is nil.

- customizable `py-separator-char', a string, see report lp:975539
  Precedes guessing when not empty, is returned by
  function `py-separator-char'

- nicer `org-cycle' behavior: when new `py-org-cycle-p' it `t',
  command `org-cycle' is available at shift-TAB, <backtab>

Updated on 2012-04-23.

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