Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
python-mode.el 6.2.3 trunk None
python-mode.el 6.2.2 "Hornet" trunk None Edit region defined by current indentation
python-mode.el 6.2.1 "Titmouse" trunk None Reconsider the way code is executed
python-mode.el 6.2.0 "Piculet" trunk None
python-mode.el 6.1.3 "Tarpan" trunk None
python-mode.el 6.1.2 "Capybara" trunk None Create Info file describing python-mode features
python-mode.el 6.1.1 "Parasol" trunk None complete virtualenv support
python-mode.el 6.0.5 "Hill" trunk None virtualenv support
python-mode.el 6.0.4 "Squirrel" trunk None provide history for all python shells solve Pymacs issues
python-mode.el 6.0.3 "Sparrow" trunk None Enhance XEmacs compatibility
python-mode.el 6.0.2 "Boulevard" trunk None New in version 6.0.2 -------------------- - py-electric-comment "Insert a...
python-mode.el 6.0 "Myrkwid" trunk None Finer grained commands, core re-write. As shown below for the `mark'-command...
python-mode.el 5.2.0 "Blancmange" trunk None
python-mode.el 5.1.0 "Albatross" trunk None Fix syntax highlighting for None. Place the file under the GPLv3.
python-mode.el 5.0.0 "Molluscs" trunk None
python-mode.el 6.0.12 "Soper" trunk 2012-10-04
python-mode.el 6.1.0 "Conejo" trunk 2012-09-28 Python3.3 commands filling styles
python-mode.el 6.0.11 "Deer" trunk 2012-08-14 start merging abl-mode
python-mode.el 6.0.10 "Gazelle" trunk 2012-07-01
python-mode.el 6.0.9 "Beetle" trunk 2012-06-20 provide auto-pair feature
python-mode.el 6.0.8 "Gull" trunk 2012-06-07 eldoc, pdb issues
python-mode.el 6.0.7 "Grasshopper" trunk 2012-05-15
python-mode.el 6.0.6 "Dove" trunk 2012-04-26 IPython issues bug-fix release
python-mode.el 6.0.1 "Expressions" trunk 2011-08-31 new command py-expressions Bugfixes