python-muranoclient 0.7.0

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Serg Melikyan
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2 Dmytro Dovbii, 1 Liyingjun, 1 Nikolay Starodubtsev, 1 Timur Nurlygayanov, 4 xiangxinyong, 1 zhurong
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1473640 #1473640 [dashboard][api] filtering by category with unicode in its name is broken. 3 High Nikolay Starodubtsev  10 Fix Released
1489277 #1489277 The requirements.txt of muranoclient need olso.log 3 High xiangxinyong  10 Fix Released
1476898 #1476898 Remove unused common module cliutils 4 Medium Liyingjun  10 Fix Released
1487099 #1487099 murano --os-cacert (OS_CACERT) option does not work 4 Medium Timur Nurlygayanov  10 Fix Released
1490370 #1490370 The incoming parameters of assertEqual function are reversed 4 Medium xiangxinyong  10 Fix Released
1476281 #1476281 Typo in error message when user calls "category-show <name>" 5 Low Dmytro Dovbii  10 Fix Released
1476284 #1476284 [cli] "category-show" command doesn't have a description 5 Low Dmytro Dovbii  10 Fix Released
1488345 #1488345 The CLI parameter help of python-muranoclient is not standardized 5 Low xiangxinyong  10 Fix Released
1488712 #1488712 The spelling mistakes of setup files in Murano Client 5 Low xiangxinyong  10 Fix Released
1490378 #1490378 Errors should not print as html 5 Low zhurong  10 Fix Released
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