python-muranoclient 0.7.2

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Kirill Zaitsev
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5 Anastasia Kuznetsova, 1 Dmytro Dovbii, 1 Nikolay Starodubtsev, 1 Serg Melikyan, 1 Tatiana Kholkina, 1 xiangxinyong, 1 zhurong
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1503593 #1503593 "Error: Package creation failed.Reason: Can't find Package name from repository." 3 High Serg Melikyan  10 Fix Released
1507932 #1507932 muranoclient doesnt' support keystone v3 (CLI at least) 3 High Nikolay Starodubtsev  10 Fix Released
1497890 #1497890 murano --debug command don't print request and response information 4 Medium xiangxinyong  10 Fix Released
1501374 #1501374 [murano+glare] Impossible to make package public 4 Medium Anastasia Kuznetsova  10 Fix Released
1501405 #1501405 [murano+glare][ui] Can't navigate to environment's components page 4 Medium Anastasia Kuznetsova  10 Fix Released
1502175 #1502175 error in package-create command 4 Medium Dmytro Dovbii  10 Fix Released
1502584 #1502584 CLI creating murano category with 'long name' returns HTTP 500 Error 4 Medium Tatiana Kholkina  10 Fix Released
1503224 #1503224 [murano+glare] Incorrect filter request for searching Environment class during deployment 4 Medium Anastasia Kuznetsova  10 Fix Released
1521139 #1521139 Murano Engine is unable to download a package from Glare 4 Medium Anastasia Kuznetsova  10 Fix Released
1506560 #1506560 [cli] environment-create-session command print session id in stdout 5 Low Anastasia Kuznetsova  10 Fix Released
1505159 #1505159 Add Active field_labels for package 6 Wishlist zhurong  10 Fix Released
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