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2.4.0 release from the kilo series released 2015-04-09

Release information
Release notes:

The first release of python-neutronclient for Kilo.


cdfcf3c Fix one remaining E125 error and remove it from ignore list
b978f90 Add Neutron subnetpool API
d6cfd34 Revert "Remove unused AlreadyAttachedClient"
c242441 Allow passing None for subnetpool
6e10447 Add Neutron subnet-create with subnetpool
af3fcb7 Adding VLAN Transparency support to neutronclient
052b9da 'neutron port-create' missing help info for --binding:vnic-type
6588c42 Support fwaasrouterinsertion extension
f3e80b8 Prefer argparse mutual exclusion
e73f304 Add HA router state to l3-agent-list-hosting-router
07334cb Make secgroup rules more readable in security-group-show
631e551 Fix E265 block comment should start with '# '
ed46ba9 Remove author tag
e2ca291 Update hacking to 0.10
0c9cd0d Updated from global requirements
5f0f280 Fix failures when calling list operations using Python binding
4e98615 Updates pool session persistence options
4829e25 security-group-rule-list: show all info of rules briefly
5a6e608 Show rules in handy format in security-group-list
0eb43b8 Add commands from extensions to available commands
6e48413 Updating lbaas cli for TLS
a4a5087 Copy functional tests from tempest cli
30b198e Remove unused AlreadyAttachedClient
0e9d1e5 exec permission to
4b6ed76 Reinstate Max URI length checking to V2_0 Client
014d4e7 Add post_test_hook for functional tests
9b3b253 First pass at tempest-lib based functional testing
ca52c27 Add OS_TEST_PATH to testr
17f0ca3 Ignore order of query parameters when compared in MyUrlComparator
aa0c39f Fixed pool and health monitor create bugs
6ca9a00 Added client calls for the lbaas v2 agent scheduler
779b02e Client command extension support
e5e815c Fix lbaas-loadbalancer-create with no --name
7b8c224 Honor allow_names in *-update command
b9a7d52 Updated from global requirements
62a8a5b Make some auth error messages more verbose
8903cce Change Creates to Create in help text

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