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Bug #1425972: Firefox no longer supports -remote parameter Unknown New python 168 weeks

From: Sean Davis
Link: exo-trusty_14.04.2.debdiff

debdiff for trusty 14.04.2

Bug #1380670: python-memcached misses working backend Undecided New python-memcached 188 weeks

From: Alexander Makarov
Link: MIRA0001-get_server_fix.patch


Bug #1228004: False warning in ADD Undecided New python-memcached 244 weeks

From: Yaroslav
Link: memcache.diff


Bug #1028412: IPv6 not supported Medium Fix Committed python-memcached 304 weeks

From: Romain Courteaud

Bug #974632: memcache._ConnectionDeadError in test runs High In Progress python-memcached 319 weeks

From: Sean Reifschneider
Link: exception.patch

Patch file of what I committed.

Bug #898172: ctypes broken on armhf Unknown New python 338 weeks

From: Loïc Minier
Link: debdiff

python2.7 debdiff for the workaround

Bug #832131: delete_multi breaks if one of the key parts is empty string Undecided Incomplete python-memcached 338 weeks

From: Pete-alex-harris
Link: patch_check_key_832131

patch as requested

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