Pythoscope 0.4 released

Written for Pythoscope by Michal Kwiatkowski on 2009-01-29

Although a lot of time has passed since the last release I hope improvements implemented in this one are worth the wait. You will notice the changes regardless of how you use the tool. Test stubs are more helpful now, and the revamped dynamic analysis and serialization mechanism make generated test cases both more reliable and readable.

To install/update get the source package from and run:

  $ python install

or simply use setuptools:

  $ easy_install pythoscope==0.4

Full summary of changes:
 * Stopped using pickle for object serialization ( and implemented our own mechanism that carefully captures changing state of objects during dynamic inspection.
 * Implemented "preserve objects identity" blueprint (
 * Fixed bug related to multiple generator calls (
 * Made handling of special method names (like __init__ or __eq__) consistent with handling of normal method names.
 * Made test stubs more useful (

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