Pythoscope 0.4.1 released

Written for Pythoscope by Michal Kwiatkowski on 2009-04-23

This is mostly a bugfix release, trying to polish a few rough edges. Pythoscope is now faster, handles bigger projects without hassle and doesn't cause problems on Windows anymore.

To install/update get the source package from and run:

  $ python install

or simply use setuptools:

  $ easy_install pythoscope==0.4.1

Full summary of changes:
 * Greatly improved information storage performance (
 * Added Pythoscope module for Emacs to the misc/ directory in the source tree.
 * Unittests can now be used as points of entry (
 * Pythoscope now ignores source control files (
 * Static inspection happens on --init, as it should be (
 * Ported itertive pattern matcher for lib2to3 from Python trunk (
 * Fixed test generation bug related to nested function arguments (
 * Fixed point of entry cleanup bug (
 * Fixed some more Windows-specific bugs (

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