Pythoscope 0.4.3 released

Written for Pythoscope by Michal Kwiatkowski on 2010-02-28

This is a bug fix release, covering all loose ends of 0.4.2. Installation package is now complete and should install without problems on systems without setuptools. I also fixed a serious bug that could cause a test file to be overwritten. Last but not least, some of the internals has been refactored to accommodate future changes.

Big thanks to Pieter Van Dyck for bug reports and fix suggestions.

To install/update get the source package from and run:

  $ python install

or simply use setuptools:

  $ easy_install pythoscope==0.4.3

Full summary of changes:
* Pythoscope now ignores application and test modules it could not inspect ( and
* Improved generation of assertions for functions with varargs and kwargs ( and
* Pythoscope will no longer generate two test cases with the same name (
* Installation package now contains all essential files (
* Pythoscope now properly handles string exceptions thrown inside entry points (
* Entry points are now run with the current directory being the project root (

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