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Milestones and releases

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Version Expected Released Summary
Pythoscope 0.9-external-side-effects None not yet released Milestone that focuses on handling built in side effects that reach outside o... Blueprints targeted: 2 Not started
Pythoscope 0.8-internal-side-effects None not yet released Milestone focusing on handling side effects happening inside Python interpreter. Blueprints targeted: 2 Not started
Pythoscope 0.7-fuzzy-testing None not yet released Now that we have some information on safety of application's callables we can... Blueprints targeted: 4 Not started
Pythoscope 0.6-basic-side-effects None not yet released Differentiate between pure and "side effecty" code. As we slowly move into t... Blueprints targeted: 4 Not started
Pythoscope 0.5-usability None not yet released A release focused on making Pythoscope more intuitive and predictable.
Bugs targeted: 1 Confirmed, 1 Fix Committed
Blueprints targeted: 3 Not started, 1 Started, 1 Beta Available
Pythoscope 0.4.3 None 2010-02-28
Pythoscope 0.4.2-dependency-cleanup None 2009-11-05 The goal of this milestone is to make pythoscope more compatible, backward (P...
Pythoscope 0.4.1-setup-and-teardown-fixes None 2009-04-23
Pythoscope 0.4 None 2009-01-29 Although a lot of time has passed since the last release I hope improvements ...
Pythoscope 0.3.2 None 2008-10-19 Just as promised, after a week of work, Pythoscope 0.3.2 is ready. This is th...
Pythoscope 0.3.1 None 2008-10-13 This is a bugfix release, featuring better Windows support, more stable dynam...
Pythoscope 0.3 None 2008-09-22 Release adding a dynamic analysis and creation of real test cases.
Pythoscope 0.2.2 None 2008-09-03 This release contains both bug fixes and new features. Our recent development...
Pythoscope 0.2 None 2008-08-21 First release of Pythoscope, featuring static code analysis and test stubs ge...
Pythoscope 0.4-setup-and-teardown 2009-01-29 This is an inactive milestone Code with setup (still no side effects). During the dynamic run we'll get ac...
Pythoscope 0.3.2-more-dynamic-analysis-fixes 2008-10-19 This is an inactive milestone Some more polishing of the 0.3 release.
Pythoscope 0.3.1-dynamic-analysis-fixes 2008-10-12 This is an inactive milestone This milestone will include only bug fixes for the dynamic analysis release, ...
Pythoscope 0.3-dynamic-analysis 2008-09-18 This is an inactive milestone Dynamic code analysis, generation of basic test cases. In this milestone we'...
Pythoscope static-analysis 2008-08-31 This is an inactive milestone Explore the test generation idea, ignoring the problem of side effects for no...
Pythoscope architecture 2008-08-20 This is an inactive milestone Decide on an initial architecture. In terms of architecture I basically see ...
120 of 20 results

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Latest version is 0.4.3
released on 2010-02-28

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