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testtools 0.9.9 released

Written for testtools by Jonathan Lange on 2011-04-08

It's been a long time since we've done an announcement on Launchpad, but rest assured that there have been many testtools releases and much development in the mean time.

Our current release has so much good stuff, you are best served by reading either the changelog or our snazzy new docs <>. As always, we can be found on PyPI <>.

testtools 0.9.5 released

Written for testtools by Jonathan Lange on 2010-07-29

This release fixes some obscure traceback formatting issues that were causing our test suite to fail.

testtools 0.9.4 released

Written for testtools by Robert Collins on 2010-07-02

This release overhauls the traceback formatting layer to deal with Python 2
line numbers and traceback objects often being local user encoded strings
rather than unicode objects. Test discovery has also been added and Python 3.1
is also supported. Finally, the Mismatch protocol has been extended to let
Matchers collaborate with tests in supplying detailed data about failures.

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0.0.6 released

Written for subunit by Robert Collins on 2010-07-02

This release of subunit fixes a number of unicode related bugs. This depends on
testtools 0.9.4 and will not function without it. Thanks to Tres Seaver there
is also an optional native file for use with easy_install and the

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0.2.4 released

Written for testresources by Robert Collins on 2010-02-26


* Relicenced to BSD / Apache2.0 with full agreement of contributors.


* Substantially improved documentation in README. (mbp)

* Rename TestResource to TestResourceManager leaving TestResource as an alias.
  Fixes bug #520769.

* Test sorting no longer performs N! work on tests that can never benefit from
  order optimisations (when resources are not shared an arbitrary order is
  sufficient). Partial fix for bug #522338.

* Test sorting now uses a heuristic on each partition to get a sort that is
  no worse than twice the optimal number of setup/teardown operations and is
  fast to calculate. Fixes bug #522338

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