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D-Bus Python Weather API Service is a D-Bus service providing weather information.

D-Bus Python Weather API Service (pywapi-dbus) is intended to provide weather information through D-Bus. It's main goal is to provide weather infromation from wide range of APIs available in the Internet.

D-Bus Python Weather API Service is ment to be used as a backend for multiple applications that require up-to-date weather information on demand. It doesn't provide any frontend and it can't be used as a standalone application even from terminal. D-Bus Python Weather API Service can be used in all programming languages that has working D-Bus libraries available. It can be used by multiple applications at same time.

Using it to provide information to your application is rather easy. It can be started on-demand through D-Bus service files, so your application doesn't need to worry about whether user has executed the service or not.

It has rather small memory footprint for a python app. In normal state, it uses 4.6 MB privately and a further 2.9 MB that is, or could be, shared with other programs. In normal desktop use this means a total memory footprint of 5MB. The memory footprint gets slight bigger depending on how many applications are using it simultaneously. However, the memory footprint keeps under 7MB in normal use and it decreases when application stops using it.

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Latest version is 0.1.1
released on 2011-07-28

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