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beta6->beta7 changelog:
- FEATURE: Made search engine plugin install more reliable
- FEATURE: Allow to drag'n drop plugin to list for install/update
- FEATURE: Added some search plugins to http://plugins.qbittorrent.org
- FEATURE: Added zip support in search plugins manager (can put .py & .png inside)
- FEATURE: Redesigned torrent creation dialog
- FEATURE: Allow to set piece size when creating a torrent
- FEATURE: Added an option to force full disk allocation for all torrents
- FEATURE: Added an option to add torrents in paused state
- FEATURE: Allow to disable UPnP/NAT-PMP/LSD
- FEATURE: Added an option to set the max number of connections per torrent
- FEATURE: Added an option to set the max number of uploads per torrent
- FEATURE: Added an option to automatically delete torrents when they reach a given ratio (>= 1.0)
- FEATURE: Added an option to display current transfer speeds in title bar
- FEATURE: Added "Mark all as read" function for RSS feeds
- FEATURE: Added some RSS settings in program preferences
- FEATURE: Display RSS article date and author if available
- FEATURE: Articles in a RSS feed are now ordered by date (newer at the top)
- FEATURE: Read articles in a feed are not resetted when the feed is refreshed anymore
- FEATURE: Allow to install plugins from their url
- FEATURE: torrent content is now displayed as a tree
- BUGFIX: In torrent content, it is now easier to filter all torrents using right click menu
- BUGFIX: Updated man page / README / INSTALL
- BUGFIX: Paused torrents could be displayed as connected for a sec after checking
- BUGFIX: 'Unknown' is now displayed in search results columns where value is -1
- BUGFIX: Improved search engine core a little
- BUGFIX: Forgot to remove *.pyc files when uninstalling a search plugin
- BUGFIX: Fixed drag'n drop on non-KDE systems
- BUGFIX: Fixed log context menu position
- BUGFIX: Made pause/resume all function affect both (dl/up) tabs when window is hidden
- BUGFIX: Fixed torrent create (can only one file or one folder)
- BUGFIX: the function that set the rows color doesn't handle hidden columns anymore
- BUGFIX: improved search engine plugin manager code and fixed bugs
- BUGFIX: Dropped Qt4.2 support, becomes too difficult to maintain
- BUGFIX: Fixed deprecation warning with latest libtorrent svn
- BUGFIX: Fixed an overflow causing ETA to become negative sometimes (hitted an assert)
- COSMETIC: Improved some icons
- COSMETIC: Totally redesigned program preferences
- COSMETIC: Improved systray tooltip style

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136964 #136964 File selection dialog needs improvement 6 Wishlist Christophe Dumez  10 Fix Released
137223 #137223 beta6 crashes 1 Undecided Christophe Dumez  10 Fix Released
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