QBzr 0.20.2 released

Written for QBzr by Alexander Belchenko on 2011-07-20

On behalf of QBzr Developers I'd like to announce new maintenance
release of QBzr 0.20.2. QBzr 0.20 series is companion to bzr 2.3 series.

 * qconflicts:
   * Fixed internal error when deleting non-versioned files/directories.
     (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #655451)
 * qinfo:
   * Fixed UnicodeError with non-ascii locations.
     (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #790138)
 * Branch/Checkout dialogs:
   * Fixed UnicodeDecodeError with non-ascii paths in target directory
     picker. (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #789083)

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