QBzr 0.22.0 released

Written for QBzr by Alexander Belchenko on 2012-02-07

On behalf of QBzr development team I'm happy to announce new release of
QBzr 0.22.0 codenamed "Alder".

This release intended to be used as companion release for bzr 2.5, and might support bzr 2.4.

I'd like to thank the people who have helped make this release awesome. Thank you.

What's new in this release
What's new in this release:

QBzr 0.22 is companion release for bzr 2.5, and compatible with bzr 2.4.
This release has many improvements and bugfixes. As usual many improvements related to qdiff dialog.

While searching for the word or sentence all matches are highlighted.
This highlighting works in qdiff, qshelve, qunshelve, qannotate.
To make navigation faster through the long side-by-side diff, or inside big annotated file you can use backside guide bar in qdiff and qannotate.

Behavior change: "Unchanged" option in treewidget filter now only applies to versioned files. (Before it was applied to unknown files too).

Other qdiff improvements include: curved lines are using in side-by-side view, smart synchronization of side-by-side view in "Complete" mode;
files with wrong or mixed encoding no more shown as "latin-1", but in user-specified encoding.

For full list of improvements and bugfixes please see changelog.

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