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Alexander Belchenko
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2 Alexander Belchenko, 1 Dorin Scutarașu, 4 Dr Al, 1 Glen Mailer, 1 Jelmer Vernooij, 1 Martin Packman, 1 Nick Sonneveld, 1 treaves
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download icon qbzr-0.21b1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 162
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Release notes 

What's new in this release:

QBzr 0.21 is companion release for bzr 2.4, and compatible with bzr 2.3.
New features in this release:

qdiff window has been reworked and all controls moved to a toolbar, similar to
one in qannotate window. Also qdiff toolbar provides you new functions: text
search within active pane and also knob to ignore whitespace changes (it's
also available as command-line option).

User can configure the tab width and this setting affects qdiff, qannotate and
qcat windows. By default tab width equals to 8 characters, user can set new
default value in bazaar.conf as ``tab_width = N`` (either via qconfig or
editing [DEFAULT] section of bazaar.conf). Also user can set individual tab
width for branches in their branch.conf.

Other changes include major rework of qinfo dialog (show the same information
as CLI ``bzr info`` does), qcommit dialog now remembers state of "Show
non-versioned" knob between runs, and several other improvements and bugfixes
(see full changelog for details).


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 * qbranch:
   * Fixed problem with very small width of input fields in the dialog
     on Mac OSX. (Timothy Reaves, Bug #667090)
 * qbrowse:
   * Use `qcat --native` equivalent to allow opening copies of files from
     branches without working trees. (A. S. Budden, Bug #752422)
 * qcommit:
   * Remember "Show non-versioned" checkbox state.
     (Nick Sonneveld, Bug #258926)
 * qconflicts:
   * Fixed internal error when deleting non-versioned files/directories.
     (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #655451)
 * qdiff:
   * New toolbar with controls and options (similar to qannotate's toolbar).
     (Dorin ScutaraИ™u)
   * Support for ignore whitespace differences in changes.
     This mode can be turned on from command-line (`qdiff -w`
     or `qdiff --ignore-whitespace`) and from GUI itself (in View Options).
     (Dorin ScutaraИ™u, Glen Mailer, Bug #642000)
   * Added Find action to do text search within either pane.
     (Dorin ScutaraИ™u, Bug #497832)
 * qinfo:
   * Significantly simpler implementation that shows the information
     provided by Bazaar. This fills in the gaps in the data shown
     by qinfo (such as details of checkouts) and means that changes
     to 'bzr info' will automatically be reflected in qinfo.
     (A. S. Budden, Bug #439624)
 * qsubprocess:
   * Reliable exception encoding to pass exception attributes
     from subprocess to the GUI process. (Martin [gz], Bug #686735)
 * qannotate, qdiff:
   * Find text box turns red if no matches are found.
     (A. S. Budden, Bug #772244)
 * qcat, qannotate, qdiff, qconfig:
   * Added ability to customise the tab-stop width (setting in qconfig,
     affects qcat, qannotate and qdiff).
     The setting is stored in [DEFAULT] section of bazaar.conf,
     and is named tab_width (it can also be configured with qconfig). Units
     are characters (so 4 means a tab should be displayed with the width of 4
     spaces). The default value is 8. The setting can also be adjusted in
     branch.conf for specific branches. (Bug #490377, A. S. Budden)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
655451 #655451 Crash in qconflicts when there is conflict in non-versioned file (TypeError: argument 1 of PyQt4.QtCore.QVariant() has an invalid type) 2 Critical Alexander Belchenko  10 Fix Released
686735 #686735 qbzr crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in run_subprocess_command() 2 Critical Martin Packman  10 Fix Released
742186 #742186 qbzr package should depend on python-configobj 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
773091 #773091 qdiff for pending merge from qcommit traceback 2 Critical Alexander Belchenko  10 Fix Released
667090 #667090 Branch dialog fields too small 3 High treaves  10 Fix Released
774257 #774257 test_uncommittedchanges_display_url requires unicode filenames 3 High Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
258926 #258926 qcommit: Show non-versioned files checkbox should be remembered 4 Medium Nick Sonneveld  10 Fix Released
497832 #497832 qdiff: Allow text search within either pane 4 Medium Dorin Scutarașu  10 Fix Released
642000 #642000 qdiff should allow --ignore-whitespace 4 Medium Glen Mailer  10 Fix Released
752422 #752422 qbrowse should allow viewing of files in repositories without working trees 4 Medium Dr Al  10 Fix Released
772244 #772244 qdiff: "Find" should give clearer indication that no matches have been found 4 Medium Dr Al  10 Fix Released
439624 #439624 qinfo doesn't show bound branch details 5 Low Dr Al  10 Fix Released
490377 #490377 qdiff doesn't allow tab width configuration 5 Low Dr Al  10 Fix Released
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