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Milestones and releases

127 of 27 results
Version Expected Released Summary
queXS 1.10.3 None Bug fixes
queXS 1.10.2 None
queXS 1.10.1 None
queXS 1.9.0 None
queXS 1.8.0 None
queXS 1.7.6 None
queXS 1.7.5 None
queXS 1.7.4 None
queXS 1.7.3 None
queXS 1.7.2 None
queXS 1.7.1 None
queXS 1.7.0 None
queXS 1.14.3 2016-10-25 Bug fix release
queXS 1.14.2 2016-07-01 Bug fix release
queXS 1.15.0 2016-03-28 Bugs targeted: 1 Confirmed, 1 In Progress
Blueprints targeted: 1 Not started
queXS 1.14.1 2016-01-29 bug fixes from the 1.14.0 release
queXS 1.14.0 "Next features" 2015-10-30 Next iteration of features
queXS 1.13.1 "Features bug fixes" 2015-09-30 Fix any bugs introduced during the new features additions
queXS 1.13.0 "Features" 2015-06-30
queXS 1.12.1 2015-06-30 Bug fix release
queXS 1.12.0 2015-02-28
queXS 1.11.1 2015-02-10 Bug fixes
queXS 1.11.0 2014-12-19 New quota system
Bugs targeted: 5 Fix Released
queXS 1.10.4 2014-07-14 Bug fixes
queXS 1.10.0 2013-12-20 Add "referral" feature where operators can create a new case based on informa...
queXS 1.9.2 2013-12-20
queXS 1.9.1 2013-09-27
127 of 27 results
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