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Plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird that parses text and highlight the number of lines that the user selects as being the most important. For example, the user defines 3 important sentences. The first one appears highlighted in green, the second one highlighted in yellow, the third in red. In another instance the user defines 4 most important sentences, it outputs in green, blue, yellow, and red.

Quick Summary is an innovate implementation of an automatic document summarizer that inputs a document in the English language and evaluates each sentence. The scanner or evaluator determines criteria based on its grammatical structure and place in the paragraph. The program then asks the user to specify the number of sentences the person wishes to highlight. For example should the user ask to have three of the most important sentences, it would highlight the first and most important sentence in green. Commonly this is usually the sentence containing the conclusion. Then Quick Summary finds the second most important sentence usually called a satellite and highlights it in yellow. This is usually the topic sentence. Then the program finds the third most important sentence and highlights it in red. The implementations of this technology are useful in a society of information overload when a person typically receives 42 emails a day (Microsoft). Another implication is meeting summary information from video for peace officer records and sports broadcasters. The paper also is a candid look at difficulty that machine learning has in literal textural translating. However, it speaks on how to overcome the obstacles that historically prevented progress. This research is different from other research attempts because it takes into account heuristics in the paragraph and treats the document as not just a list of disjointed sentences but also each sentence contributing meaning to other sentences until it achieves a pivotal point in document. Prior methods of a document summary generator included reducing redundant words or junction words until it develops a nuclear core. This paper proposes mathematical metadata criteria that justify the place of importance of a sentence. Just as tools for the study of relational symmetry in bioinformatics, this tool seeks to classify words with greater clarity. "Survey Finds Workers Average Only Three Productive Days per Week." Microsoft News Center. Microsoft. Web. 31 Mar. 2012.

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