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The goal of this project is to generate a routable cyclemap from the Open Street Map data that can be used on Garmin GPS devices. Besides developing the scripts and configuration files necessary to generate the map also ready-made maps are made available for download.

The generation of the maps is done with mkgmap, with additional pre- and postprocessing as necessary. All involved programs shall be open source, to allow everybody to use the work done here to generate his own maps.
The routing is optimized for everyday cycling, not for going on tours. So the emphasis will be on nice and short routes, not on scenic ones. But it will probably be useful for tours as well if you can live with that.

To contribute to this project you can: a) contribute to the code and b) test the generated maps available at the homepage. For this kind of project a large number of testers are extremely valuable, because only somebody with local knowledge can determine the usefulness of the routing.

The main language of the project will be German, because in the first step only a map of Germany will be generated. The optimal settings will probably different for each country due to habits, legislation regarding bicycles etc. On request other countries will be added to the map if somebody is willing to work on the settings for that part of the world.

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