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Display local avatars in your Redmine ( installation with this plugin.

This plugin allows Redmine users to upload a picture to be used as
an avatar (instead of depending on images from Gravatar).

Users can set their image through the /my/account page. The administrator
can also manage users' avatars through the /users section.

------- Installation -------

Simply place the plugin in the vendors/plugins directory of your Redmine
installation (or create a symlink).

You can checkout the plugin with:
  bzr checkout lp:redminelocalavatars

------- Compatibility -------

Tested on Redmine trunk r4388 (version 1.0.3). Should be compatible with
all Redmine versions 1.0.x.

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Luca Pireddu
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Latest version is 0.1.1
released on 2010-12-27

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