RelEx 1.2.0

Fix variety of bugs, add new experimental Stanford-parser compatibility mode.

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Release notes 

The most prominent change in this release is the addition of a prototype Stanford-parser compatibility mode.

The Stanford parser provides a de facto standard definition of dependency relations used in parsing. Relex has a compatibility mode which attempts to generate the same output as the Stanford parser. This is an interesting thing to do, for two reasons:

   1) It provides a way of double-checking parse results,
   2) RelEx is nearly four times faster than the Stanford parser.

The compatibility mode is currently in "beta": it is almost fully implemented, but still has a number of rough spots that need work.


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New in version 1.2.0 (12 October 2009)
 * Fixes DocSpliter fallback to behave when it is misconfigured.
 * Fixes for anaphora resolution; head-word was missing or mis-identified.
 * Fix crash when the distributed parser (remote parser) returns null.
 * Don't print the phrase string in the OpenCog server, it messes the output!
 * Fix issuing of _amod when superlative modifier is involved.
 * Fix OpenCog Frame output to include truth values (Fabricio)
 * Change OpenCog Frame output to hold frame references (Fabricio)
 * Frames: add new concept vars and production rules. (Fabricio)
 * Use PrepositionalRelationNode in OpenCog prep relation output.
 * Tag verbs of questions as hypothetical.
 * Explicitly identify "filler subjects" aka "expletives"
 * Identify parataxis clauses.
 * Sort parses into ranked order.
 * Remove % from _%quantity relation name.
 * Remove garbage generated for certain prepositional sentences.
 * Remove garbage generated for certain questions, e.g. "Where is the ball?"
 * Fix cases where direct, indirect object reversed.
 * Fix handling of future tense in certain cases.
 * Fix faulty printing of certain numeric quantities.
 * Fix bug with multiple _predadj in one sentence.
 * Add a prototype Stanford-parser compatibility mode.

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