RelEx 1.2.1

Penn Treebank-compatible POS tagging & misc fixes.

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Release notes 

This release provides a significant new feature: Penn-Treebank-compatible POS tagging. This feature is currently "experimental", in that it has not been evaluated for accuracy; it appears to work reasonably well. It is currently intended only for use with the Stanford parser compatibility mode (thus providing Stanford-compatible POS tagging).

Another notable change is the fallback of using the standard Java sentence splitter if the OpenNLP-based sentence splitter is not installed. There are a number of bug fixes. Some of these improve POS tagging, while others provide fixes for operation with the OpenCog embodiment code.

IMPORTANT: This release *requires* link-grammar-4.6.5 or newer!


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New in version 1.2.1 (3 November 2009)
 * Provide optional Penn-Treebank-compatible POS tagging.
 * Bug fixes for misc mis-identified POS tags
 * Bug fix for mis-identified advmod relation.
 * Improved word features, including comparative, superlative tagging, etc.
   IMPORTANT: This *requires* link-grammar-4.6.5 or newer!
 * Fix crash on opencog output module, on comparative sentences.
 * Fix: string substitution of "be" in frame rules (Fabricio)
 * Fix: correctly pass variable nodes to opencog (Fabricio)
 * Fix: printing of variables in the "simple view" (Fabricio)
 * Fix: misc pet-embodiment frame rule changes (Fabricio)
 * Move subscript-based feature tagging out of java code into algs file.
 * Remove usage of isPastTenseForm(), in favor of verb subscripts.
 * Fix: Fallback sentence splitter will use standard Java API.

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