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This is a Python tool to implement automatic responses to email messages. It responds in the most RFC and de-facto standard friendly way possible, conforming to email best practices.

Let's say you're being overwhelmed by email and you'd like to provide people with a FAQ or set of helpful answers to common questions. You can put the replybot on an email alias and have it send a friendly response to (almost) all incoming messages. The replybot supports whitelists and grace periods. It does not yet support the vacation program interface, although it could in the future.

I'd be very happy if you were interested in furthering the replybot's development, but I also want to keep it's scope fairly narrow. Currently, all development will happen on Launchpad and there is no email list available for replybot's development. Just join this project's team and we'll communicate through Launchpad for now, or you can contact me directly.

You can download replybot from the Python Cheeseshop at

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Barry Warsaw
Barry Warsaw

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