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RevAger - the Review Manager - is a platform-independent application for organizing and conducting reviews and inspections in a professional way.

Originally, the development of RevAger has been done by three software engineering students during the Software Internship 2009 at the University of Stuttgart. The goal of this internship was to develop a software assistant in order to simplify the process of planning and conducting technical reviews. In cooperation with the Software Engineering department at the University of Stuttgart, the German company AEB GmbH was the customer within the whole project. Finally, we received an award for RevAger by the customers for creating the best product during the Software Internship 2009.

A little note for software developers: RevAger has been developed during the beginning of our studies. Therefore, the code quality is surely not the best. Meanwhile, we have learned a lot and we would have done many things differently! :-) There was also the requirement, not to use any external libraries, so we solved a number of quite usual challenges using our own implementation.

After the release of RevAger 1.4, we consider the development of this product variant finished. Currently, we are working on the design and prototype of a new software product with a broad orientation and expanded goals. We are especially focusing on the usability of the application in order to improve the user experience. Besides the integration of new features, we will consider the feedback from our users which we received during the last months.

RevAger 1.4.x will still be supported by providing bug fixes for major and critical problems with the application. We attach great importance to the fact that this version is long-term stable and can be used in real scenarios.

Feel free to participate in the development process of RevAger! :-) We are looking forward to receiving any kind of feedback like bug reports, feature requests, ideas, code commits, translations etc.; anything is fine.

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