RevAger 1.4.1

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Johannes Wettinger
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download icon revager_1.4.1.dmg (md5) RevAger 1.4.1 (Disk image for Mac OS X) 346
last downloaded 33 weeks ago
download icon (md5) RevAger 1.4.1 (Source code) 55
last downloaded 33 weeks ago
download icon revager_1.4.1.exe (md5) RevAger 1.4.1 (Executable file for Windows) 2,017
last downloaded 16 weeks ago
download icon revager_1.4.1.jar (md5) RevAger 1.4.1 (JAR file, platform-independent) 213
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,631

Release notes 

RevAger 1.4.1 is mainly a maintenance release for our latest major release 1.4. We have fixed a number of bugs and improved the usability. Please have a look at the changelog for all the details.


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* Application settings: language selection fixed for the case the absolute path of the JAR file contains special characters

* Default rating for a new finding is now "not rated" instead of "critical"

* Window 'List of Findings': new tab for entering the general impression of the product

* All language-dependent default strings (severities etc.) are being adapted automatically after changing the language

* Window 'Aspects Manager': tree items can now be selected with a single click on the checkbox

* Fixed and implemented: bug #711848, bug #750258, bug #495154, bug #601154, bug #806369, bug #806372, bug #880543, bug #486184, bug #496537

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