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The RMINC package is moved to Gitbhub:

Please refer to the git repository there to obtain the latest code. The repository here will not be further maintained.
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A library to integrate voxel-based statistics for MINC volumes into the R environment. Supports getting and writing of MINC volumes, running voxel-wise linear models, correlations, etc.; correcting for multiple comparisons using the False Discovery Rate, and more.

There are many ways to get involved with RMINC development. Working on the code to add new features is an obvious one. Using the bug reporting and blueprint creation tools from launchpad are good ways of helping guide development and helping decide where RMINC should go. A further part of RMINC is a latex/Sweave booklet which provides usage examples and general guidelines for performing statistics in structural brain imaging - contributions to the book would be most welcome too!

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Latest version is 0.5
released on 2008-04-16

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