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Bulk rename utility

Renames files/directories in bulk. Naming scheme (*Name String*) can be applied or regex replace can be performed to modify file names on the fly. It uses PCRE2 (revised version of PCRE) regex to provide search (and replace) functionality.

It provides versatile options to modify names, delete/replace part of it, indexing, case conversion, insert text, insert various file information like modification time, access time, permission etc.., insert parent directory names, working directory name etc.. and many more.

File search functionality is provided with PCRE2 regex. Fixed string search is also possible.

Operations (rename, changing names, search) are selective of file type (directory, file, link).

Files can be sorted by name, modification time, access time, size, file type (directory, file, link) etc..

It provides an undo functionality to move back unwanted rename operations. Different **rnm** operation on different directory remembers their own undo history.

Simulations can be run instead of actual rename to view the potential outcome as program output on terminal with the *-sim* option.

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Md. Jahidul Hamid
Md. Jahidul Hamid

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