rohc 2.2.0

Objective: ROHCv2 support, limited to the IP-only, IP/UDP and IP/ESP profiles.

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Didier Barvaux
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Release notes 

* ROHCv2 IP-only, IP/ESP and IP/UDP profiles,
* interoperability: improve conformance to ROHC standards:
* preliminary Wireshark dissector in Lua


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    - Version 2.2.0 is not guaranteed to be 100% compatible with previous versions
      with respect to IR packet format of the ROHCv1 IP-only, ESP, UDP,
      UDP-Lite profiles because the behavior of the D flag was made conforme
      to RFC 3095.
    - The library API is compatible with versions 2.0.x and 2.1.x. The
      following headers/types/functions were added/modified for ROHCv2:
       - header <rohc/rohc_profiles.h> was added, it is included by
         <rohc/rohc.h>, so no change is required by applications.
       - rohc_profile_t to add the ROHCv2 profile identifiers
       - rohc_comp_enable_profile() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_comp_enable_profiles() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_comp_disable_profile() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_comp_disable_profiles() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_decomp_enable_profile() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_decomp_enable_profiles() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_decomp_disable_profile() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_decomp_disable_profiles() to accept ROHCv2 profiles
       - rohc_comp_set_reorder_ratio() to set the ROHCv2 reordering ratio
       - rohc_profile_is_rohcv1() to determine if profile is ROHCv1
       - rohc_profile_is_rohcv2() to determine if profile is ROHCv2
       - rohc_profile_get_other_version() to determine the related profile in
         the other ROHC version
    - The applications gained a --rohc-version parameter to use ROHCv1 or
      ROHCv2 profiles. They defaults to ROHCv1 for compatibility reasons.

    - Developing Solutions helped Viveris Technologies to implement the ROHCv2
      IP-only, ESP and UDP profiles.
    - Developing Solutions helped Viveris Technologies about the Static Chain
      Termination support.
    - Mikhail Gruzdev contributed Linux kernel fixes.
    - Selvaganesan Murugesan reported the conformance problem with the D flag.
    - Bi-Ruei Chiu contribued GCC-7 fixes.

  Main changes:
    - ROHCv2 IP-only, IP/ESP and IP/UDP profiles,
    - interoperability: improve conformance to ROHC standards:
       - RFC3095: handle the IR D flag of IP-only, UDP, ESP, and UDP-Lite profiles
       - RFC3843: add support for Static Chain Termination
    - preliminary Wireshark dissector in Lua

  Bug fixes:
    - TCP profile: do not skip MSN 65535 at compressor
    - Robustness of decompressor for TCP profile:
       - Context Replication: check whether base context does exist before using it
       - avoid assertion at decompressor with malformed TCP options:
          - length of TCP options is not a multiple of 32-bit words
          - large TCP options > 40 bytes
       - handle length-changing generic TCP options
    - kernel:
       - fix 64-bit division
       - fix nonnull warnings
       - fix test application/script for Linux kernel module
    - sniffer:
       - handle packet timing so that context re-use works correctly
       - detect layer-3 protocol from Ethernet protocol type

    - fix compilation error when using gcc-7
    - decrease code complexity
    - fix some spelling mistakes detected by codespell

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ROHCv2 support ROHCv2 support 4 High Didier Barvaux  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1309967 #1309967 Provide javascript binding for ROHC library 6 Wishlist   4 Won't Fix
1736764 #1736764 Failed to compile rohc_decomp.c using gcc-7 4 Medium Didier Barvaux  10 Fix Released
1094745 #1094745 Add support for ROHCv2 6 Wishlist Didier Barvaux  10 Fix Released
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