RPM 5.3.4 "mongodb-5.3"

rpm-5.3.4 release.

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5.3.3 -> 5.3.4:
    - jbj: release 5.3.4.
    - jbj: i18n: update po files (Translation Project).
    - jbj: rpmrepo: finish refactoring tools/rpmrepo.c.
    - jbj: move package.c from lib -> rpmdb.
    - jbj: rpmrepo: move from rpmio -> rpmdb to finish tools/rpmrepo.c gutting.
    - devzero2000 : added --withoutcheck popt alias (#lp:634104) (#mdvbz:35423)
    - jbj: perl: don't automate use RPM, @INC issues need to be solved first.
    - jbj: macosx: avoid <unistd.h> uuid_t typedef, permit --with-uuid.
    - jbj: macosx: add -fnested-functions (when available).
    - jbj: i18n: update po files (Translation Project).
    - jbj: ruby: stick with ruby-1.8.6 (1.9.2p0 needs work).
    - jbj: yarn: add yarnLaunchStack() to create a yarnThread with a stack.
    - jbj: ruby: don't load stringio for now, there's a segfault here.
    - jbj: ruby: wire-up a global interpreter always.
    - jbj: autofu: hot-wire ruby-1.9.2p0 embedding.
    - jbj: ruby: add a ruby-config helper for RPM_CHECK_LIB().
    - jbj: tests: mark mtree breakage on rhel6 for fixing.
    - jbj: mongo: handle endianness at runtime, remove MONGO_BIG_ENDIAN.
    - jbj: mongo: replace internal md5 digest with rpmDigestInit().
    - jbj: mongo: refactor to export from -lrpmio (with no AutoFu!).
    - jbj: mongo: stub-in a mongo spewage alias as --wdj:srpm.mongo.
    - jbj: gpsee: replace WITH_JS everwhere with WITH_GPSEE. GPSEE->JS always.
    - jbj: update api-sanity-autotest.pl to 1.10.
    - jbj: permit building --without-sqlite again.
    - bero: Support building with Python 2.7.x

4 blueprints and 2 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Embed sqlite3 in rpm Embed sqlite3 in rpm 5 Essential Jeff Johnson  11 Implemented
Embed mongo database Embed mongo database 4 High Jeff Johnson  11 Implemented
Resurrect --with-gpsee=external Resurrect --with-gpsee=external 4 High Jeff Johnson  11 Implemented
Use a nssdb Use a nssdb 2 Low Jeff Johnson  10 Deployment
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
641501 #641501 Additional AutoFu needed with --with-neon=internal 4 Medium Jeff Johnson  10 Fix Released
641518 #641518 Additional AutoFu needed with --with-pcre=internal 4 Medium Jeff Johnson  10 Fix Released
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