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This project is the unofficial Linux/Unix/Universal port of the downloadable opensource Game Launcher for RuneScape.
The aim of this project is to provide Linux users and cross-platform users with a stable RuneScape client based on the source of the official client, while adding fixes and other functionality to improve the Game performance on Linux and other platforms.

The RSU-Client project is a fully functional and stable Linux/Unix/Universal port of the opensource RuneScape Client Launcher made by Jagex in C++. However this port is written in perl in order to not require recompiling for each platform it can be used on.

This project goal is to make the RuneScape Gaming Performance equal or better to that you would get on Windows or Mac OSX, which are the platforms Jagex officially support, a different goal is to have fixes for common issues while playing the game on Linux integrated into the client itself so that they can be activated through the Graphical Settings Editor.

NOTE: For this client to work, you need to be able to download either the Windows Client or the Mac Client from RuneScape's homepage in order to extract the jagexappletviewer.jar

The RSU-Client features:
* A jagexappletviewer.jar updater which lets you update the client core whenever Jagex updates their own client
* Graphical Settings Editor to change java parameters and the script behavior
* A jagexcache cleaner in the Settings Editor
* Forcing sounds through PulseAudio and/or Alsa
* Support for using .prm files for java parameters
* Supports launching the game with different Java versions and implementations (Java6, Java7, OpenJDK6, OpenJDK7, custom-java)
* Fixes for common issues (example: Fixes Software display mode and OpenGL display mode when using Java7/OpenJDK7)
* Working language settings for the RuneScape Client
* Portable (can be launched from an USB or external drive)
* Cross-platform
* Support for add-on modules (launched from the launcher which requires libwx-perl)

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Hikari Knight
Hikari Knight

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