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Sebastian Kapfer
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Release notes 

Version 1.4 (2015-12-11)

  This version of Rubber officially requires Python 2.6 and up.
  Note that the code has not been tested with Python 3, so if you
  run it under Python 3, you're on your own. Bug reports are welcome!

  Starting with 1.4, the primary repository at Launchpad is a
  Git tree.

  - New distutils-based build & install scripts by Nicolas.
  - Report BibTeX / Biber errors more reliably.
  - We have support for embedding R code via knitr.
    Note that since R can run arbitrary external code, --unsafe
    must be given at the command line:
      rubber -d --unsafe paper.Rtex
    creates beautifully typeset PDF from your R script.
  - Support for PythonTeX package. Also requires --unsafe if
    you want Rubber to invoke pythontex.
  - Rubber will no longer attempt to use jpeg2ps on its own, which has
    been superseded by sam2p. (You can add it back by providing your
    own rules.ini.)

  - Refuse to read logfiles which exceed 1 MB.
    This avoids out-of-memory situations. The limit may be raised with
      % rubber: set logfile_limit 1000000
  - The command-line parsing of rubber and rubber-info has been merged.
    Thus, the --inplace and --into options are not only accepted by
    Rubber (as they were previously), they also take effect.
  - Rubber complains properly now for nonexisting directives, and
    doesn't just print a stacktrace.
  - More refactoring, reducing the number of code paths to test and


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