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Ayat v 1.2.0

Written for Sabily Project by Bagus Tris on 2013-02-10

Hi all, there is a new version of Ayat available in KSU's Web. It works out of the box without any additional setting, the adobe air is also available in the bundle.

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Manarah first prototype released!

Written for Manarah by Abdelmonam Kouka on 2012-02-29

Bismilleh walhamdolileh wassalato wassalamo ala rasullilleh,

Assalamo alaykom,

With great pleasure I announce to you the release of the first prototype of Manarah project, it is just a prototype to show you the idea of Manarah, its version is 0.1-alpha and it contain only three hadhith in three languages from "40 Nawawi" (very known Hadith book).
Next steps after creating a team around this project are:
- Make a solid design for the database
- Make a good graphic design for Manarah GUI
- Make a good design architecture for Manarah and start developing

The first scoop is only this book "40 Nawawi" for which I have 14 translations from a trusted Islamic website (Arabic + 13 other languages), then we will add other books inchalla (Bokhari, Muslim, Tirmithi...).

The project page is:
The team page is:
Please join this team and make sure you are subscribed in its mailing list since all discussions around this project will be there and we will use the sabily root mailing list just for announcement or just when we need more help.

Please spread the word and ask people to join this team and win hasanat by spreading the word of our prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.

To test this prototype just go here and download the archive, unzip it and go inside the result directory and then run this command:
java -jar manarah.jar

PS: one day..Manarah will be the biggest and the best Hadith software in the world inshallah :) take the train now...

Assalamo alaykom

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Sabily 11.04 released

Written for Sabily Project by jMehdi on 2011-05-12

What's new:
- New "Badr" pictures and wallpapers, new plymouth and GDM themes
- unity and unity 2D available on the DVD, but ubuntu classic (gnome 2) set by default
- new Firefox persona

New applications:
- islamic-date: extension for the Iceweasel/Firefox web browser that displays Hijri date
- zakat-calc: Sabily Zakat provides zakat calculations for Muslims
- gufw: easy to use Ubuntu Firefwall
- desktopnova (replacing wallpaper-tray)
- autoKey: to avoid typing frequently encountered words
- recordmydesktop: record desktop sessions to a video file (Ogg-Theora-Vorbis file)
- anki: extensible flashcard learning program

New from Ubuntu 11.04:
- Unity desktop
- Firefox 4
- LibreOffice (replacing OpenOffice)
- Banshee (replacing Rhythmbox)
- Linux Kernel 2.6.38 (with the "wonder 200 lines" patch now included by default)

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Zakat Calc v 0.3 (Rebuild)

Written for Zakat-Calc by Asmawi (Soire) on 2011-02-10

I get information from Tajdid Linux Members (Arif Rohman Hakim) about have there are differences in calculations from Mazhab @ Ulama' (religious charity). so please count the difference information for your's Mazhab @ Ulama'. Therefore, this version will be revamped to provide the calculations according to the your's Mazhab @ Ulama'.

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Sabily NetBook Remix 10.10 Alpha Test

Written for Sabily by Asmawi (Soire) on 2011-01-24

This is remix from Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds (Small) to netbook editon. Have been Tested and Work Fully on Netbook Machine with Atom Processor and 1024x600 Display. Sabily-Zakat-Calc must modify to size the screen. Everything alright but in LiveCD you must type : startx tu run display. (Install in Hardisk must clear some error. type : sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get upgrade / sudo apt-get -f install all problems will fix after reboot)

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