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Due to above mentioned bugs and many other reported on raring and Saucy The NM applet crashes often ,causing the devices to hang often. It is frustrating and so i decided to write a simple python script to handle the same.
This is a hack into network manager using nmcli & python to have my own version of nm-applet

This is an hack into the nm-applet for Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 user
The network manager crashes due to some unknown reasons and the bug has not
been fixed in UBUNTU 13.04 or 13.10.

If you use any of these versions of UBUNTU you may have already seen the
network manager systray icon (nm-applet) crashed a few times already. it crahses if you switch the networks (twice I guess)

I have used python and nmcli interface to create this that will act as a
backup until some respite comes from ubuntu developers.


1. Save all the files in this folder under one folder.
2. Check for the script "safe_network_switch"
3. Copy the path to this file and add it to startup application
   Super key > type "startup"> click on the first item "Startup Applications"
4. click add and type in a Name (say Network Switcher) in the Name field
5. browse to the path of "safe_network_switch" like
6. click on add and close the window restart the system.

Upon restart you will see a wifi icon in your systray. Upon switching your
regular icon will be gone after switching a few times but the new icon will

In the drop down you can see the list of configured networks that you can
switch between.

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