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Vesuvius recieves its own LP project

Written for Sahana Agasti by dot dot dot on 2011-07-06

In order to better utilize the services of Launchpad, the Agasti PMC has decided to separate the two Agasti projects into their own respective LP projects.

Vesuvius is still undet the Agasti PMC's control, however it is now housed at :

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Vesuvius 0.9.1 Released!

Written for Sahana Agasti by dot dot dot on 2011-05-20

Numerous bug fixes, search optimizations, and the lot have gone into this new release of Agasti. The DB schema has changed quite dramatically since 0.9.1, so, you would be better off starting out with a fresh one from /backups/vesuviusStarterDb_v091.sql. Download, enjoy, and report bugs if you encounter them!


Making Mayon

Written for Sahana Agasti by Chad Heuschober on 2011-04-18

Agasti PMC Member Darlene, CUNY SPS, and several volunteers have started a mini-marketing campaign entitled Making Mayon ( which will preview aspects of the Agasti Mayon branch as we approach the annual Sahana Software Foundation meeting. You can follow the series as it is released on Mountain Thrower, the unofficial blog of the Agasti Project. (

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Agasti Project Welcomes a New Chair

Written for Sahana Agasti by Chad Heuschober on 2011-04-18

The Sahana Software Foundation Board completed its voting and officially has appointed Chad Heuschober as the new Chair of the Sahana Agasti PMC for the rest of 2011. This is in keeping with the wishes of Greg Miernicki to step down from the position, and the nomination of the Agasti PMC of Chad to be his replacement. Thanks go out to Greg for his service and willingness to lead Agasti to this point. We look forward to his continued activity and leadership as a member of the project.

Agasti PMC Welcomes Two New Members

Written for Sahana Agasti by Chad Heuschober on 2011-04-07

The Sahana Agasti Project Management Committee welcomes two new members into its ranks, Darlene McCullough and Charles Wisniewski. Both Darlene and Charles have been positive forces in the continued development of this project over the last year and are great additions to the project's leadership. Congratulations go out to both of them.

For more information, you can visit the unofficial Agasti blog:

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