Salience 2.0-beta

Creation of the Ambiance-like, Radiance-like, and Sky subthemes should occur.

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5 Christopher Kyle Horton, 1 Salience Team, 2 kroq-gar78
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1013488 #1013488 White text hard to read against light background in USC 2 Critical Christopher Kyle Horton  7 Triaged
1086671 #1086671 Port Salience to GTK+3.6 2 Critical   7 Triaged
1018536 #1018536 Media control buttons in Unity Sound menu are solid black on hover 3 High Christopher Kyle Horton  7 Triaged
1068726 #1068726 Introduce the Salience Sky variant 3 High Christopher Kyle Horton  7 Triaged
1099529 #1099529 Labels have opaque solid backgrounds, such as in active tabs 3 High   7 Triaged
1081841 #1081841 salience-daily's version format is incorrect 4 Medium kroq-gar78  7 Triaged
1083049 #1083049 Gwibber is hideous in Salience 4 Medium Christopher Kyle Horton  7 Triaged
1050895 #1050895 GTK+3 scale troughs need to be widened 5 Low   7 Triaged
1103339 #1103339 Use SVG images for checkboxes and radio buttons 3 High Salience Team  8 In Progress
1084321 #1084321 Maximized windows in GNOME Classic don't blend into the top panel 5 Low Christopher Kyle Horton  8 In Progress
1084334 #1084334 The Ubuntu logo should be shown next to Applications in GNOME Classic 5 Low kroq-gar78  9 Fix Committed
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