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trunk series Focus of Development
Latest milestones: rebirth-alpha     Latest releases: rebirth-alpha
Bugs targeted: 1 In Progress, 3 Fix Committed
Blueprints targeted: 1 Not started

The first release of Sapidlib, formerly known as LPuniMudlib.

lpuni-regenesis series Obsolete
Blueprints targeted: None

This series contains old lpuni-regenesis mudlib (ie. The last modification as lpuni before being renamed to sapidlib).

lpuni-final series Current Stable Release
Latest milestones: r9, r8     Latest releases: final-08020-r8
Bugs targeted: 1 Invalid, 1 Confirmed, 6 Fix Committed
Blueprints targeted: None

The lpuni-final series of LPUniLib represents the last development of the mudlib before changing to Sapidlib.

13 of 3 results