Bugfix release for stable 0.11 series available

Written for sbackup by Jean-Peer Lorenz on 2011-02-13

I'm proud to announce the fourth bugfix release 0.11.4 of the 0.11 series of the Simple Backup suite.

This release in particular fixes:
  * [Fix] LP: #714916 Unhandled error in gio backend when looking up
                      verbose error message
  * [Fix] LP: #662613 sbackup crashes with 'NonValidOptionException'
  * [Fix] LP: #709338 Restore/revert of non-toplevel items produces only
                      empty folders
  * [Fix] LP: #689016 Uncaught error 'invalid literal for int() when
                      processing invalid configuration files
  * [Fix] LP: #697386 RemoteMountFailedError 'Max. number of password inputs
                      reached' not handled properly
  * [Fix] LP: #697654 No desktop session found: no notification icon:
  * [Fix] LP: #701403 Unable to use remote target without giving a password:
  * [Fix] LP: #588578 Email notification/reporting doesn't work with GMAIL
  * [Fix] LP: #706037 Email reports not working; enable debug output
                      for sending mail
  * [Fix] LP: #683990 Uncaught 'NoSectionError' when adding report settings
                      (SMTP server etc.)
  * [Fix] LP: #695613 Empty notification popup due to invalid markup
  * [Fix] LP: #671785 Parsing remote URIs fails when username or password
         contains special characters; quote special characters
         to comply with RFC 1738 sec. 3.1
  * [Fix] LP: #675361 Restore process fails with error 'is not a file' while
  * [Fix] LP: #696183 Failed to set GID to `admin`; improved handling of
                      non-existent user groups
  * refer to dependent packages 'gconf2', 'desktop-file-utils' in install file
  * translations updated
  * translations added: fo

See the changelog on the download page for more information.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release with coding, sending patches, testing, reporting bugs and translating!

Series 0.11.x finally replaces the old-fashioned Simple Backup 0.10.5 with code that was developed in (Not So) Simple Backup in the meantime. It adds some very interesting features and is ready for daily use.

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