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Jean-Peer Lorenz
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Release notes 

I'm proud to announce the first bugfix release 0.11.1 of the 0.11 series of
the Simple Backup suite.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release with coding, sending
patches, testing, reporting bugs and translating!

Series 0.11.x finally replaces the old-fashioned Simple Backup 0.10.5
with code that was developed in (Not So) Simple Backup in the meantime.
It adds some very interesting features and is ready for daily
use. Most notable enhancements are:

* fixes many, partly long standing, bugs

* implementation of a status application which presents information of
  running backups such as backup size, progress and estimated remaining time

* implementation of a GIO/GVFS backend for access of remote targets (currently
  supported is FTP, SFTP, SSH, NFS). The backend to use can be controlled
  by a GConf setting (see

* notification window in case of not found backup destination: you can
  directly retry to use the specified destination, after mounting an
  external disk (good for creation of backups stored on external disks
  that might not be plugged in)

This release in particular fixes:

* [Fix] LP #587911: Logarithmic purge does not work
* [Fix] LP #622095: catch error when listing directory contents fails
* [Fix]: revamped packaging: use distutils and pysupport

See the changelog on the download page for more information.

Known issues - There are a few known issues in SBackup 0.11.0:

* when upgrading snapshots in old Simple Backup format (1.4 and older) it is
  not recommended to use these as base for successive snapshots. Make a full
  snapshot instead.
* specified log directories are not modified when using former nssbackup
  configurations. This might lead to directories named `.../nssbackup`.
* in order to use secure remote targets (SFTP, SSH via GIO) you'll have to
  add the remote machine to your trusted machines first
* due to default security settings it is not possible to create backups at
  remote destinations which are split into several chunks when running as
  superuser (root) using the GIO backend
* No Help available on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy (due to use of Mallard)
* if you want to install nssbackup from source code after you've had
  already installed it from PPA, you need to *Purge* the package (i.e.
  remove package and configuration files, not only remove) to avoid
  confusion of your packaging software about configuration files in
  system directories (namely /etc/dbus-1/system.d)

Have fun.


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sbackup (0.11.1)

  * [Fix] LP #587911: Logarithmic purge does not work
  * [Fix] LP #622095: catch error when listing directory contents fails
  * [Fix]: revamped packaging: use distutils and pysupport

sbackup (0.11.0)

  * [Fix] LP #618730: Merge sbackup and nssbackup (see enclosed file
                      nssbackup.ChangeLop for further information)
  * [Fix] LP #604558: 'abort backup' on exernal drives not possible
  * [Fix] LP #412934: sbackup/nssbackup fails if exclude-path contains an
  * [Fix] LP #277137: crashed with NoSpaceError: No space left on device
  * [Fix] LP #328902: Spelling and wording errors
  * [Fix] LP #130856: Show remaining time till backup is finished in UI
  * [Fix] LP #267759: Simple Backup should display a progress bar
  * [Fix] LP #137293: empty dialog when restoring with sbackup
  * [Fix] LP #176838: Incremental backups should not appear incremental when
  * [Fix] LP #254464: Password for SSH Do Not URI Encode
  * [Fix] LP #489107: sbackup crahses: stop_if_no_target is not an option in
  * [Fix] LP #504990: Mb used instead of MB in the application dialogs
  * [Fix] LP #507175: libgnomevfs2-extra required for FTP backups
  * [Fix] LP #310306: Error: no space left
  * [Fix] LP #383383: restore crashes when the destination path or file is non
  * [Fix] LP #331551: Wrong original English text in sbackup po-file
  * [Fix] LP #585769: default backup directory doesn't exist in ubuntu
  * translations updated

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