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download icon sbackup-plugins-fuse_0.11.6-0~bpo70+1_all.deb (md5) Binary package (Fuse plugins) for Debian Wheezy 1,261
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download icon sbackup_0.11.6-0~bpo70+1_all.deb (md5) Binary package for Debian Wheezy 1,188
last downloaded 6 days ago
download icon sbackup_0.11.6.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball *with bugfixes* for manuell installation. 6,907
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Release notes 

I'm proud to announce the bugfix release 0.11.6 of the 0.11 series of
the Simple Backup suite.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release with coding, sending
patches, testing, reporting bugs and translating!

Series 0.11.x finally replaces the old-fashioned Simple Backup 0.10.5
with code that was developed in (Not So) Simple Backup in the meantime.
It adds some very interesting features and is ready for daily

This release in particular fixes:

  * Add XFCE4 to list of supported desktop environments to enable status
    indicator on xfce4
  * [Fix] LP: #1174124 Catch invalid path selections to avoid TypeErrors
    when coercing to Unicode. Replace FileChooserButton with text entry
    to avoid problems when selecting destination paths.
  * [Fix] LP: #1159705 set default setting for log level as string, not as
    integer in order to fix a KeyError if no log level is defined in config
    file. Also make sure, a string is processed when setting GUI widgets
    using the log level value.
  * [Fix] LP: #1190224 Restore behaviour of GioOperations.path_exists.
    This caused a regression which let the backup fail.
  * merge fix for bug 632605. Thanks to Mascha
  * merge from trunk: add french desktop entry
  * fix internal helper tool script

See the changelog on the download page for more information.

Known issues - There are a few known issues in SBackup 0.11.x:

* when upgrading snapshots in old Simple Backup format (1.4 and older) it is
  not recommended to use these as base for successive snapshots. Make a full
  snapshot instead.
* specified log directories are not modified when using former nssbackup
  configurations. This might lead to directories named `.../nssbackup`.
* in order to use secure remote targets (SFTP, SSH via GIO) you'll have to
  add the remote machine to your trusted machines first
* due to default security settings it is not possible to create backups at
  remote destinations which are split into several chunks when running as
  superuser (root) using the GIO backend
* No Help available on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy (due to use of Mallard)
* if you want to install sbackup from source code after you've had
  it already installed from PPA, you'll need to *Purge* the package (i.e.
  remove package and configuration files, not only remove) to avoid
  confusion of your packaging software about configuration files in
  system directories (namely /etc/dbus-1/system.d)
* Problems when using GIO FTP/SFTP on Xubuntu. This works fine on
  Debian and Ubuntu.

Have fun.


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sbackup (0.11.6)

  * Add XFCE4 to list of supported desktop environments to enable status
    indicator on xfce4
  * [Fix] LP: #1174124 Catch invalid path selections to avoid TypeErrors
    when coercing to Unicode. Replace FileChooserButton with text entry
    to avoid problems when selecting destination paths.
  * [Fix] LP: #1159705 set default setting for log level as string, not as
    integer in order to fix a KeyError if no log level is defined in config
    file. Also make sure, a string is processed when setting GUI widgets
    using the log level value.
  * [Fix] LP: #1190224 Restore behaviour of GioOperations.path_exists.
    This caused a regression which let the backup fail.
  * merge fix for bug 632605. Thanks to Mascha
  * merge from trunk: add french desktop entry
  * fix internal helper tool script

sbackup (0.11.5)
  * translations updated
  * [Fix] LP: #1000171 make it backwards compatible because upgrade-backups
                       is incredibly slow and not reliable:
                       added restore utility which provides legacy support
                       using the 0.10.5 algorithm. Command must be
                       executed from terminal: 'sbackup-legacy-restore
                       or for more ease of use with GTK gui:
                      'sbackup-legacy-restore --gui'.
  * remove 'backup upgrade' feature and 'rebase snapshot' feature since it
    is not reliable and can cause severe user data loss
  * [Fix] LP: #1097465 Regular expressions defined in default configuration
                       can be improved:
                       -do not exclude specific types of files e.g. mp3, avi
                       -fix regex for .gvfs, trash, cache etc. so these apply
                        to 'top-level' directories
                       -add a default regex for lock directories
                        (e.g. $HOME/.mozilla/lock)
                       -add a default regex for $HOME/.cache directory
  * [Fix] LP: #785512 Backup files are not protect from local user access:
                      make the snapshot directories RWX only by owner
                      (existing snapshots are not affected by this fix).
  * Apply patch from Simon D├ęziel to make the temp directory
                      RWX only by owner instead of by all. (LP: #785495)
  * [Fix] LP: #330680 fails if target path contains #:
                      fixed by not allowing fragments when parsing target
                      path and using quote/unquote to escape # properly
                      (FIXME: this fix does not cover target paths containing
                      special chars ; or ?)
  * [Fix] LP: #980786 Don't complain about non-accessable excluded files:
                      order of checks when inspecting file system revised. It
                      is now first checked whether a file is excluded before
                      it is actually accessed.
                      Thanks for Bernd Wurst for the suggestion.
  * [Fix] LP: #670646 sbackup-gtk crashes while starting: invalid literal
                      for int():
                      ignore ValueError from urlparse when parsing port
  * [Fix] LP: #888367 TypeError: argument of type 'int' is not iterable:
                      Try to fix type error by not using interpolation when
                      getting items From ConfigParser.
  * [Fix] LP: #173490 Pre/Post backup script hooks:
                      applied patch suggested by Derek Ditch
  * [Fix] LP: #918099 System menu names should include 'admin' or similar:
                      applied patch suggested by Anton (feenstra)
  * [Fix] LP: #875634 sbackup's tar very slow due to erroneous backup size
                      Sometimes the calculation of the space required goes
                      badly wrong and we could end-up With _checkp=1 for
                      30GB to save, making tar VERY slow.
                      Fixed by setting minimum value to 100. Thanks to
                      Thibault Godouet for the patch.
  * added exception handling in case of not implemented
                      'attach_to_status_icon' method (e.g. Debian Wheezy)
  * [Fix] LP: #768080 incremental snapshots store more files than needed:
                      add TAR option '--no-check-device'. Thanks to
                      Rogach (platon7pronko) and Felix Griewald (tiiunder)
                      for the patch.
  * Correctly set package format to 3.0 (quilt). Thanks to Marc Deslauriers.

sbackup (0.11.4)
  * [Fix] LP: #714916 Unhandled error in gio backend when looking up
                      verbose error message
  * [Fix] LP: #662613 sbackup crashes with 'NonValidOptionException'
  * [Fix] LP: #709338 Restore/revert of non-toplevel items produces only
                      empty folders
  * [Fix] LP: #689016 Uncaught error 'invalid literal for int() when
                      processing invalid configuration files
  * [Fix] LP: #697386 RemoteMountFailedError 'Max. number of password inputs
                      reached' not handled properly
  * [Fix] LP: #697654 No desktop session found: no notification icon:
  * [Fix] LP: #701403 Unable to use remote target without giving a password:
  * [Fix] LP: #588578 Email notification/reporting doesn't work with GMAIL
  * [Fix] LP: #706037 Email reports not working; enable debug output
                      for sending mail
  * [Fix] LP: #683990 Uncaught 'NoSectionError' when adding report settings
                      (SMTP server etc.)
  * [Fix] LP: #695613 Empty notification popup due to invalid markup
  * [Fix] LP: #671785 Parsing remote URIs fails when username or password
              contains special characters; quote special characters
              to comply with RFC 1738 sec. 3.1
  * [Fix] LP: #675361 Restore process fails with error 'is not a file' while
  * [Fix] LP: #696183 Failed to set GID to `admin`; improved handling of
                      non-existent user groups
  * refer to dependent packages 'gconf2', 'desktop-file-utils' in install file
  * translations updated
  * translations added: fo

sbackup (0.11.3)
  * [Fix] LP: #645543 "Cannot concatenate str and error object" error prevents
                      incremental backups
  * [Fix] LP: #648754 Can't mount ftp location: don't fail when gvfs-fuse is
                      not available; use it only if really required
  * [Fix] LP: #653577 Error 'iter should be a GtkTreeIter' when clicking on
                      Restore with no file selected
  * refer to dependend package 'gvfs-fuse' in install and readme file
  * translations updated
  * translations added: da,el,fa,is,ja,kk,ko,kw,ro,sr,sw

sbackup (0.11.2)
  * [Fix] LP: #638072 Exclude rules not working on some dirs
  * [Fix] LP: #634356 Exception on reading snapshots in restore ui
  * [Fix] LP: #634031 Default behavior incorrectly set to `Cancel` instead
                      of `Retry`
  * [Fix] LP: #632605 catch error while closing snapshot file over FTP
  * [Fix] LP: #642087 Log. purge not working under certain circumstances
  * Workaround for LP #640034 Setting status to attention does not change
                              to specified icon (indicator-application)
  * Fix: don't block restore gui on long running tasks
  * Fix: don't touch snapshots being upgraded from backup process

sbackup (0.11.1)
  * [Fix] LP #587911: Logarithmic purge does not work
  * [Fix] LP #622095: catch error when listing directory contents fails
  * [Fix]: revamped packaging: use distutils and pysupport

sbackup (0.11.0)
  * [Fix] LP #618730: Merge sbackup and nssbackup (see enclosed file
                      nssbackup.ChangeLog for further information)
  * [Fix] LP #604558: 'abort backup' on exernal drives not possible
  * [Fix] LP #412934: sbackup/nssbackup fails if exclude-path contains an
  * [Fix] LP #277137: crashed with NoSpaceError: No space left on device
  * [Fix] LP #328902: Spelling and wording errors
  * [Fix] LP #130856: Show remaining time till backup is finished in UI
  * [Fix] LP #267759: Simple Backup should display a progress bar
  * [Fix] LP #137293: empty dialog when restoring with sbackup
  * [Fix] LP #176838: Incremental backups should not appear incremental when
  * [Fix] LP #254464: Password for SSH Do Not URI Encode
  * [Fix] LP #489107: sbackup crahses: stop_if_no_target is not an option in
  * [Fix] LP #504990: Mb used instead of MB in the application dialogs
  * [Fix] LP #507175: libgnomevfs2-extra required for FTP backups
  * [Fix] LP #310306: Error: no space left
  * [Fix] LP #383383: restore crashes when the destination path or file is non
  * [Fix] LP #331551: Wrong original English text in sbackup po-file
  * [Fix] LP #585769: default backup directory doesn't exist in ubuntu
  * translations updated

sbackup (0.10.5ubuntu2)
  * Replace depends on gksu and sudo with menu for su-to-root (LP: #260203)
    - Thanks to Marcel Stimberg for the fix

sbackup (0.10.5ubuntu1)
  * Add Japanese translation. (LP: #280788)
    Thanks to Hajime Mizuno <email address hidden>.

sbackup (0.10.5)
  * Update to use su-to-root (Closes: #479826)
  * Revert the group of all files to 'root' as there
    is no common admin group (Closes: #427697)
  * Save partition information (Closes: #431068)
  * Remove *.pyc files on purge (Closes: #428022)
  * Exclude /home/*/.gvfs/ folders by default (Launchpad: #222898)
  * Fix a typo preventing logarithmic cleanup from
    working (Closes: #447252) (Launchpad: #126278, #71698)
  * Fix a popup help type for SSH target recovery (Launchpad: #183650)
  * Check regex before adding it (Launchpad: #191127)
  * Add stop_if_no_target option to abort backups if the taget is
    on a removable drive that is not currently connected
  * Fully draw the "Restoring ..." info box before restoring a file

sbackup (0.10.4)
  * Official release.
  * fix a bug preventing simple-backup-config to resolve anacron monthly
  * Ubuntu Bug #67814 - fixed permission problems with remote backups

  * gksu is used instead of gksudo (Closes: #327222)
  * Cron job is removed on package purge (Closes: #346097)
  * Should not crash on non-dirs in backup target (Closes: #391948)
  * Fixed typo in About (Closes: #414783)
  * Included Franch translation (Closes: #396059)
  * Updated all translations

sbackup (0.10.4~beta9)
  * Gnomevfs doesn't close directory handler.
  * Hope this is the last beta
  * Resolved a bug when using ssh
  * change some errors printing
  * admin GID is now get dynamically .
  * Changed the right on the flist file to set read access to admin
  * Fixes a problem with incremental backups
  * Avoid usage of current dir for the lock file
  * Version on about window is set to 0.10.4
  * Bug #112540 fix : sbackup now runs under root:admin. directories are created with read access for admins
  * Bug #102577 fix : optimizing the backup process ( thanks to Oliver Gerlich )
  * A lot of bug fixes, This is just for testers

sbackup (0.10.3-0.2)
  * Enhancement. applied patch proposed by Oliver Gerlich. See: Bug #110113
  * Code cleaned to prevent warnings about non existing GTK components :
    see Bug #106818
  * Ensure that daily backups are not skipped if the system is off at the scheduled backup time
  * Created a sbackup script to install in /usr/share/sbackup/sbackup
  (this script is almost the same created by sbackup in /etc/cron.d/
  * Makefile :
  * add a flag to create non existing dirs
  * install the "sbackup" script in "/usr/share/sbackup/sbackup"
  * the python files have been renamed in *.py and the Makefile has been
   changed to be compliant -links are created into BIN without
   the py extention-
  * The About dialog now indicates Version 0.10.3 : Closes Bug #74963
  * French language support added

sbackup (0.10.3-0.1)
  * remove /usr/etc. Closes: #399762

sbackup (0.10.3)
  * Fix an Ubuntu-izm that creeped into the permissions (Closes: #391539)

sbackup (0.10.2)
  * "Simple fixes for simple but annoying bugs" release - intended to go
    into Etch and Edgy.
  * Manage /etc/sbackup.conf and /etc/cron.d/sbackup as config files, but
    not as conffiles, to remove unneeded "config changes upstream" prompt
    on upgrade. SBackup can handle old config gracefuly.
  * Brown paperbag one-liner fix on incremental backup time not being counted
    properly causing incremental backups to be done all the time.
  * Reduce nice level of sbackup process to lowest possible priority (+19)
  * An empty regex matches everything, so avoid those

sbackup (0.10-1)
  * Added i18n support from Jonh Wendell
  * Added Portuguese translation by Jonh Wendell
  * Adjusts in Makefile, support to uninstall and another prefix,
    rather than /usr (SF:1376603) - wendell
  * fix problem with spaces in target dir (SF:1508991) - wendell
  * Add command-line option parsing support from Andreas Sliwka
  * Improve parsing of cron timelines with added custom option
    (Ubuntu: #5720)
  * Separate filenames in metadata with NULL instead of a newline
    (Closes: #349700)
  * Critical pseydofilesystems are explicitly excluded (Closes: #340115)
  * Command line tar is used and is trying to be robust agaist race
    conditions (Closes: #328824)
  * Ability to edit filenames, paths and regexp directly in the cells - wendell
  * Purge old backup snapshots in smart and simple way (Yay!)
  * Really test the writability of a directory by writing into it.
    Solves several permission related errors, especially in remote backups.
  * Improved restore window interface - wendell
  * Rewriten restore backend fixes bugs while restoring files beyond 2Gb
    limit and speeds up the restore 2-3 times

sbackup (0.9-1)
  * document all the TODOs and plans
  * backup all files if maxsize=-1 (SF:1324065)
  * fixed many bugs with the root directory enabled for backup
  * fixed an exception with remote target testing (Closes: #329341)
  * secure backup permissions - now all files are 0600 (Ubuntu: #3177)
  * also rename remote directories to get rid of ":" in filename
  * upgrade backup directories before each backup run

sbackup (0.8-1)
  * Fix binary paths in .menu entries to sbin (Closes: #324781)
  * Use "." instead of ":" in all directory names (Closes: #325431)
  * Fix a bug with first item of file format exclusion list (Closes: #325426)

sbackup (0.7-2)
  * Also fix the config applet to work in sarge
  * Move the restore icon to System->Administration menu too
  * First upload to Debian unstable :)

sbackup (0.7-1)
  * Fix and reenable remote restore. It is still heal of a slow, but it works
  * Add empty directories to a full backup
  * Stop using pythons tarfile module on backup
  * Interface to systems 'tar' tool - double speedup, 10 times less memory used
  * Reduce memory usage by factor of 3 on restore and restore GUI
  * target directories are checked for validity, so interrupted backup no longer
    breaks other backups
  * Cache all files locally on remote backup - gnomevfs is very slow on small updates
  * A new tool added to upgrade backup directory formats
  * Gnome Restore tool now automatically asks to upgrade old backup directories

sbackup (0.5-1)
  * Added the restore GUI: simple-restore-gnome
  * Added the command-line: (Also a python module for restoring)
  * Only backup directories if there are files inside
  * Minimize usage of /tree file (planned for removal, with compartibility)
  * Usability adjustments to the config gui
  * Improved configuration defaults
  * Improved backup algorithm - now only folders with changes are included in
    the backup archive
  * NOTE: remote restore is *not* supported in this version

sbackup (0.4-1)
  * Adjustments to Gnome capplets Target tab
  * Write username to cron.d file (was breaking automatic backups)

sbackup (0.3-1)
  * Initial release

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