Schedio 2.0 in progress

Written for Schedio by Florent Delayen on 2010-11-14

Hi, we are both working on the second version of Schedio, a more stable release.
We have work on new features, to make it more user-friendly, simple and flexible.

Everybody may create a plugin for schedio that add a new feature.

Plugins are working with a calendar (we have created), or with a flexible configuration window.

Plugins available as default:

- Launch apps, by calendar, or simply with a configuration window
- Repetitive launcher, that launch apps all xx seconds or xx min or xx hours.
- Conflicts resolution by a simple window
- Restrictions/ Parental control about apps user have the right to launch or not (with calendar or not)

All these features, and other plugins can be visualized quickly by the user, giving him news about operations.

We're at approximately 90% of the development !

Schedio 2.0 will be available at the biginning of the next year ;)

Updated on 2010-11-14.

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