SchoolTool 1.2.0 "karmic"

SchoolTool for Ubuntu 9.10

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Gediminas Paulauskas
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3 Douglas Cerna, 1 Gediminas Paulauskas, 3 Justas Sadzevičius
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Release notes 

Known Issues

Some packages appeared in Karmic that SchoolTool is not yet compatible with, so dependencies cannot be automatically satisfied. To get schooltool installed and not be bothered by upgradable packages that would break schooltool, add this to /etc/apt/preferences:

Explanation: prefer packages from SchoolTool PPA
Package: *
Pin: release o=LP-PPA-schooltool-owners
Pin-Priority: 1001


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New Features

* A way to enter contact information of users themselves (as opposed to
  external contacts)

* Outgoing email support for interventions (sent either via specified
  SMTP server or your Gmail account).,,

SchoolTool security

* An overview page of user permissions (access rights) in SchoolTool.
  (Only SchoolTool core permissions listed - Gradebook, Attendance/Journal
  and Interventions are soon to follow)

* Refined some of the rougher access permission corners, tightened
  permissions where needed.

Bug fixes

* Much better SchoolTool translatability coverage.

* Failed to create sections that span multiple terms.

* Crufty section name display for section.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
381158 #381158 efficient self-contact 3 High Justas Sadzevičius  10 Fix Released
381698 #381698 default permissions audit 3 High Justas Sadzevičius  10 Fix Released
417029 #417029 Move email config out of intervention package 3 High Douglas Cerna  10 Fix Released
417101 #417101 Handle downed email server gracefully 3 High Douglas Cerna  10 Fix Released
425759 #425759 Make SchoolTool send mail via Gmail 3 High Douglas Cerna  10 Fix Released
453951 #453951 Could not adapt < object at 0x88a9320... 3 High Justas Sadzevičius  10 Fix Released
381057 #381057 Make interventions packages part of Ubuntu release 4 Medium Gediminas Paulauskas  10 Fix Released
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