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Scocca aims to provide a robust, versatile user interface abstraction in Python that can be easily extended on demand.

Essentially Scocca consists of a backend part and frontends that build on this. Backend provides basic abstraction of user interface and infrastructure needed by it. Frontends extend this and provide a concrete interface for the developer of a user interface to build upon. Currently Blender and PyOpenGL oriented frontends have received most of the attention though it should be possible to build frontends for other libraries, such as Pygame or PySoy, also.

The main goals of the project are to provide
* a generic way to define the user interface (ie. using YAML) using layout containers and user interface elements
* user interface layout system (container based and free one)
* a way to define the style of the user interface (ie. colors of the user interface elements, spacing between elements inside specific layout)
* support for windowing (multiple windows, subwindows)
* a way to map keymaps and element event slots to event handlers
* rudimentary timer system to make it possible to define and use simple timers
* user interface constraints. User interface constraints are rules that must be true at any given state of the user interface. They provide additional abstraction that helps to keep event handlers simpler.

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