Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Sendai mm3 trunk 2012-05-31 not yet released
Sendai mm2 trunk 2011-11-30 not yet released
Sendai mm1 trunk 2011-05-31 2011-05-26
Sendai m4-1 trunk 2010-12-17 not yet released First update of maintenance patch
Sendai m4 "Maintenance Update" trunk 2010-07-23 2010-08-06 Release of the first Maintenance Update.
Sendai m3-9 trunk 2010-05-29 2010-06-21 Customer defined six critical fixes that did not make M3-8 production and wan...
Sendai m3-8 trunk 2010-05-07 2010-05-20
Sendai m3-7 "Final Image Release" trunk 2010-05-04 2010-05-04 Release Final (Production) Image.
Sendai m3-6 trunk 2010-04-28 2010-04-27
Sendai m3-5 trunk 2010-04-26 2009-12-31
Sendai m3-4 trunk 2010-04-19 2010-04-18
Sendai m3-3 trunk 2010-04-12 2010-04-11
Sendai m3-2 trunk 2010-04-01 2010-04-01
Sendai m3-1 trunk 2010-03-30 2010-03-29 Weekly release of test image
Sendai m2 "Feature Complete Image Release" trunk 2010-03-18 2010-03-18 Release of Feature Complete Image.
Sendai m1-2 "Test Image #2 Release" trunk 2009-11-19 2009-11-19 Release of Test (Demo) Image #2.
Sendai m1 "Test Image Release" trunk 2009-11-11 2009-11-10 Release of Test (Demo) Image.
Sendai m0 "Project start" trunk 2009-09-25 2009-09-25 Project Start.