Registered 2007-07-30 by Loye Young

Program for capturing text coming in from a serial port, such as barcode scanners, serial keyboards, etc.

More to come. I expect to have a first draft of the source code up soon; I am getting permission from the author to post it. If you are interested in the project, please sign up! If you want to maintain the code, PLEASE sign up!

The general idea is a simple program invoked during boot up that will monitor the serial port for incoming text. The text will be sent to the input layer, just like the keyboard, visible on both the console and in X. It's a program everyone thinks is already written, but isn't.

There was an old driver called linbar that was used many years ago, but it doesn't work on modern kernels. This may be though of as a replacement.

Eventually, it should be packaged as a tarball, an rpm, and as a deb.

(If I did not mention it before, this project will need a maintainer. I am not the right guy for the job.

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