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0.20 release from the trunk series released 2010-07-03

Release information
Release notes:

This release introduces the following features and changes:

 * Confirmation dialogs for installing (by name and file) and removing packages

 * Use the exe of the calling process instead of the parent's window title
   to identify the programme which has tiggered the action.
   Use the application name of an exectuable if a corresponding .desktop file
   is installed.
   Furthermore support python and perl scripts.

 * Support installing mime type handler (requires app-install-data to be

 * Improved GStreamer plugin dialog text which takes the kind of the required
   GStreamer structures into account (e.g. ".. to play media files ...")

 * Use app-install-data and apt-xapian-index to show applications instead of
   packages in the confirmation dialog

 * Show a warning ...

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0.10 release from the trunk series released 2010-05-02

Release information
Release notes:


This marks the first release of sessioninstaller!


Sessioninstaller allows applications to easily install additional software
(e.g. extensions or GSreamer codecs), to uninstall files and to perform simple
software status queries by implementing the distribution neutral D-Bus session
interface of PackageKit.

The whole process of confirmation, error reporting and progress notification
is handled by sessioninstaller.

The reference implementation of the D-Bus interface can be found in
gnome-packagekit. It was also adpoted by KPackageKit.

In contrast to gnome-packagekit and KPackageKit it doesn't use the PackageKit
daemon for querying and installation, but instead makes use of APT and
aptdaemon (alternatively synaptic can be used).


The following l...

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