Session Installer 0.20

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Session Installer
Sebastian Heinlein
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Release notes 

This release introduces the following features and changes:

 * Confirmation dialogs for installing (by name and file) and removing packages

 * Use the exe of the calling process instead of the parent's window title
   to identify the programme which has tiggered the action.
   Use the application name of an exectuable if a corresponding .desktop file
   is installed.
   Furthermore support python and perl scripts.

 * Support installing mime type handler (requires app-install-data to be

 * Improved GStreamer plugin dialog text which takes the kind of the required
   GStreamer structures into account (e.g. ".. to play media files ...")

 * Use app-install-data and apt-xapian-index to show applications instead of
   packages in the confirmation dialog

 * Show a warning icon and set a tooltip for possibly restriceted packages
   in the confirmation dialog

 * Show additional details in the confirmation dialog (e.g. which GStreamer
   plugins are provided by the package)

 * Several bug fixes


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