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Version Series Expected Released Summary
Set Theory 0.35 "numeric sets" incremental None not yet released Numbers-related clusters: numeric sets, i.e. N, Z, R and C, specified, implem...
Set Theory 0.30.d "sets (agent specifications)" incremental None 2018-12-02 Replace recursive, functional specifications by logical, agent-based ones.
Set Theory 0.30.c "sets (agents, refactoring)" incremental None 2018-11-10 Add agent-oriented features to classes that model sets and n-tuples. Reorgani...
Set Theory 0.30.b "sets (more tests)" incremental None 2018-09-12 Test implementation-specific features of sti_sets cluster.
Set Theory 0.30.a "sets (refactoring)" incremental None 2018-08-27 General refactoring (too many redundant code).
Set Theory 0.30 "sets" incremental None 2018-08-04 Intended features: - sts_sets cluster: minimal specification of core concepts...
Set Theory 0.25 "first, unstable, specification" 0.25 None 2018-02-15 First available specification of set_theory.