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ASM Team, Robin Rawson-Tetley
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Robin Rawson-Tetley
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is not the focus of development.
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bzr branch lp:sheltermanager/2.x

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Milestones and releases

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Version Expected Released Summary
sheltermanager 2.8.15 2014-03-31 not yet released Bug fixes
Bugs targeted: 1 New
sheltermanager 2.8.14 2013-08-21 2013-08-15 Java upgrade, fix SQL parser.
sheltermanager 2.8.13 2012-06-30 2012-09-12 Bug fixes, additional diagnostic tool.
sheltermanager 2.8.11 2012-05-09 2012-09-05 Fix for HSQL column alias issue
sheltermanager 2.8.10 2012-04-30 2012-05-08 Bug fixes, allow Canadian locale to use PetFinder, Greek translation, improve...
sheltermanager 2.8.9 2012-02-01 2012-01-19 Bug fixes
sheltermanager 2.8.8 2011-09-02 2011-09-13 Bug fixes.
sheltermanager 2.8.7 2011-06-03 2011-06-09 Bug fixes and SmartTag publisher
sheltermanager 2.8.6 2011-04-28 2011-04-21 Bug fixes.
sheltermanager 2.8.5 2011-02-10 2011-02-11 Bug fixes and incremental improvements
sheltermanager 2.8.4 2010-12-07 2010-12-07 Performance improvements and bug fixes
sheltermanager 2.8.3 2010-10-18 2010-10-20 Further emergency bug fixes to archive routines and other areas.
sheltermanager 2.8.2 2010-10-10 2010-10-10 Bug fixes to auto archive process
sheltermanager 2.8.1 2010-10-04 2010-10-01 Bug fixes, HTTP bridge driver
sheltermanager 2.8.0 2010-08-03 2010-09-02 Email improvements, lost and found overhaul, multiple animal entry screen, bu...
sheltermanager 2.7.2 2010-06-30 2010-07-01 Double entry book-keeping, ability to remove detail fields, HSQLDB upgrade
sheltermanager 2.7.1 2010-04-16 2010-04-16 Bug fix/stability release, improvements to publishers.
sheltermanager 2.7.0 2010-02-28 2010-02-25 Multiple images to, unified donation handling, uk gift aid s...
sheltermanager 2.6.3 2009-12-24 2010-01-03 Bug fixes, potential adopter book, merging of unnecessary screens into system...
sheltermanager 2.6.2 2009-12-01 2009-11-27 Translation and bug fixes.
sheltermanager 2009-11-05 2009-11-04 Fix for problems generating movement documents
sheltermanager 2009-11-03 2009-11-02 Critical fix for hanging search bug
sheltermanager 2009-10-30 2009-10-29 Emergency bug fix release for UTF8 preventing reports working under Windows f...
sheltermanager 2.6.1 2009-10-29 2009-10-28 Bug fixes, consolidation and correction of translation strings
sheltermanager 2.6.0 2009-10-17 2009-10-16 Removal of primary/secondary species functionality, moving of translations to...
125 of 25 results

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Latest version is 2.8.14
released on 2013-08-15

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