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*. When outputting additional yes/no fields in searches, show yes/no
*. Option to write a log entry when generating documents
*. Ability to override icons by putting new ones in .asm
*. Run updateAnimalStatus twice as first pass isn't updating DaysOnShelter
*. Show active movement on details screen regardless of whether it's
- in the future to match find screens.
*. Critical security bug with configure_local
*. Validate that owners have names
*. Option to use older, faster scaling algorithm - some users
- reporting black screen when previewing bug
*. Added missing default colour mappings
*. Fixed bug in animal print with broken syntax for diary
*. Fixed bug in animal print with null boarding cost
*. Include medical info when printing an animal record
*. Escape animal names with quotes in for third party publishers
*. Print owner search results didn't take account of user defined columns
*. When generating documents, tags that don't have a value are still
- blanked out so you don't see <<InvalidTag>> in the document
*. Added noimportfile command line switch and option for adoptapet
*. Missing i18n keys for wordprocessor/animal/CurrentOwner
*. MySQL returns floats for SUM() which breaks reports trying to
- parse it to an int
*. Some Java versions/implementations return null for
- getTitledBorder.getTitleFont which breaks all forms with a TitledBorder

0 blueprints and 8 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
894750 #894750 NPE from TitleBorder in latest Java 6 3 High Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
899959 #899959 Print owner search results breaks when columns change 4 Medium Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
910036 #910036 Override mappings 4 Medium Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
863487 #863487 Publishers don't escape animal name 5 Low Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
884014 #884014 Any non-existent wordkey should be blanked 5 Low Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
907683 #907683 Missing animal key i18n 5 Low Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
912521 #912521 Medical details are missing from animal print 5 Low Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
914223 #914223 Use movement date when calculating final board 5 Low Robin Rawson-Tetley  10 Fix Released
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