Sikuli X 1.0 RC2 Released!

Written for Sikuli by Tsung-Hsiang Chang on 2011-02-10

Sikuli X 1.0 RC2 "Maltese" comes with a completely new user interface of Sikuli IDE and the ability to extend Sikuli Script with extensions. Sikuli Guide, an extension for creating interactive tutorials on actual interfaces, is also released with RC2.


- The UI of Sikuli IDE has been redesigned and polished. Find, undo, and redo are supported. Console messages are colored.
- Extensions for Sikuli Script. With extensions, adding new features to Sikuli would be much easier. Developers are welcome to create and distribute their own Sikuli extensions.
- Sikuli Guide: a Sikuli extension that provides a revolutionary way to create guided tours or interactive tutorials for GUI applications on the actual interfaces, rather than in a video or a series of screenshots on a web page. Details can be found at
- Add an interactive mode (-i) to sikuli-script.jar. (for command line only)

- Region: getTopLeft, getTopRight, getBottomLeft, getBottomRight, offset(location), moveTo, morphTo.
- Region.setFindFailedResponse() handles FindFailed exceptions with more options (RETRY, SKIP, ABORT, PROMPT).
- Env.isLockOn(Key.CAPS_LOCK|Key.NUM_LOCK|Key.SCROLL_LOCK) returns the state of the given lock key.
- Env.getSikuliVersion() returns the current version of Sikuli.
- load(jar) loads a JAR file so that Sikuli can use the Java/Jython classes and functions in that JAR.
- The info/debug/log messages of Sikuli can be hidden with the following variables.
  - Settings.ActionLogs # turn on/off the messages with "[log]"
  - Settings.InfoLogs # turn on/off the messages with "[info]"
  - Settings.DebugLogs # turn on/off the messages with "[debug]"


- The observer is rewritten and fixed. A new SikuliEvent class is introduced, see for details.
- sikuli-script.jar is easier to be used alone with other IDEs (e.g. Eclipse or Netbeans). The sikuli-script.jar searches /Applications/ on Mac, or %SIKULI_HOME% on Windows for the necessary dynamic libraries automatically.
- French error messages are fixed.
- The Windows installer searches the path to JRE\bin and add it to %PATH% automatically.
- Better compatibility for 64bit Windows. (The IDE shortcut points to .bat instead of .exe by default.)
- See for the full list of fixed bugs.

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